About Us

I'm a mechanical engineer & pilot living and flying in the very congested training airspace in and around Phoenix Arizona who wanted to increase his mid-air collision safety margin in the busy "See and Avoid" environment. 

I first swapped out my high current incandescent lamp with a new LED landing light which reduced the current draw to such an extent that I didn't have to worry about leaving it ON all the time.  This was arguably a step in the right direction but having noticed how much more effective a simple pulsing light is over that of a steady one in drawing my attention to cyclists on the roadways, I wanted more.  

I researched available solutions and found several offerings which I'm sure are all fine products but, for me, they all had the same drawback...they ALL required installation of additional wiring as well as a switch to control the pulsing/steady modes.  Some installations got very complicated with multiple modes, speeds, and synchronization capability.

I just wanted something stupid simple that would pulse when I wanted it to pulse and would be steady ON when I wanted it to be steady ON...and I sure didn't want to run additional wires or add any additional switches.  I already had a landing light switch and thought "why couldn't I just use the one I already have" and so, I set out to do just that.

Over the course of the next several months (day job, you know), I designed a little PCB using a micro-controller and some mosfets to produce a small controller that would attach directly to the LED bulb itself and allow me to set the display mode (either pulse or steady) as desired using only the original single toggle switch.  A little bulb went on in my head and I thought, other's might want one of these things too....and so, PCAeroWerks was born.