Installation is EASY...

1) Set the Jumper for Your Desired "Default-ON" Mode.
"STEADY" default ON mode (Jumper across Middle and Left Pins) 
"PULSE" default ON Mode (Jumper across Middle and Right Pins)
2) Remove existing landing light and make note of which wire is positive and which is ground.
 3) Remove power and ground wires from existing landing light. Attach the AeroPulse PCB to the LED's existing terminals (observe polarity markings if necessary...some LED bulbs are polarity sensitive), then reconnect power and ground wires to the PCB's standoffs per the polarity markings on the PCB. AeroPulse is polarity protected so nothing bad will happen if you DO accidentally get it wrong, it just won't work properly till the polarity is correct.  Should look something like this:
4) CAUTION: BEFORE installing lamp back into airframe and applying power, ensure there is adequate clearance between the electrical connections and any airframe structure.  If adequate clearance cannot be ensured, contact us for lower profile options.